Get to know us

Courageous, persistent, and bold. We strive for excellence and follow our values.

Persistence is our virtue – a virtue that accompanies each and every step we make. We never stop at the seemingly unfeasible. We see every obstacle as a challenge that enriches us with new knowledge. 

Our motto is: “Jump over, persist, and win!”

Andrej Habjan, founder of the company:
“One who does not perceive business as a sport, will never succeed in it.”

Dragica Habjan, founder of the company:
“I put my faith in my successors who care about creative and modern changes in the way we run our business.”

Andreja Habjan, Head of Administration:
“With trust and mutual respect one can accomplish anything.”

Mojca Habjan Bonjšak, Head of the Transport Office:
“When you listen to your heart and reason, the path to success lies in front of you.”

Marko Habjan, Head of the Workshop:
“Respect for work leads us to a positive future.”