Our perspective

What distinguishes us from others?

As is already evident from our slogan “Do it differently”, our way of thinking and operating certainly sets us apart from the rest. In addition to that, we place a major emphasis on our values, respect, open communication, and the comprehensive service we offer to our clients. We also strive towards providing one-stop shop logistic solutions for our business partners. 

From the launch of our company in 1978 to the present we have realised that our business partners seek primarily flexibility, innovation, and mutual trust. The need for flexibility has caused us to expand from transport services only to today’s multi-service organisation.  

We believe in ourselves and our work

Regardless of what we set our mind to, we always follow through to completion and the satisfaction of everyone involved. Anyone who wants excellence, must strive for perfection and modernisation. We possess capacities, software, and experience, to ensure a safe and timely delivery of your goods to the final destination. As our ultimate goal is to have satisfied clients who like returning to us, we want to simplify the process of placing an order and additionally improve the overall experience with our company.          

We pay close attention to your needs

We listen to our business partners’ wishes, and do everything in our power to make them happen. We face daily challenges with courage and seek creative solutions.    


Regardless of our place of business, our corporate image has been built on mutual trust for over 40 years. We believe firmly that every employee in our company shapes our common future with their work. Every individual is excellent in their work, but we can move the boundaries of possible only through joint work. In line with our values, we are here to make a change in the world and provide the best possible service for our business partners.

Responsible company

We create a supportive working environment and take care for the health and well-being of our employees through various activities. Moreover, we take additional care for our planet, namely, with our own awareness, ecological islands, waste separation, waste water purification, and the use of the vehicles with the newest environmentally-friendly engines.

Education and development

The company is committed to investing in the development of our employees. We work together with them, and offer them a supportive environment in achieving both personal and career goals. Employees who start working with us receive the needed support and mentorship, as we want their start to be easy and as fast as possible.